About me

Glassblower and artist from Dalsbruk Finland. Hohenthal has studied Design and Art Glass at Riksglasskolan Orrefors/Pukeberg. The passion for the material and the craft has led to several different workplaces, such as in New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Malta.
Hohenthal gets inspiration from the material's natural properties and the dynamics during the work process.

"I grew up and im operating in the archipelago of Åboland. I have chosen Dalsbruk as the place for my business, to be able to enrich the artistic life in the archipelago and to be able to work in my childhood home."

"During my eight years as a glassblower I have worked at various glass studios and with many different glass artists. Traveling and working as a craftsman has helped me enormously in technique and skills. This reflects in my art and my artistic expression, where craftsmanship and technique have a great importance in my art. What I want to tell you with my work is not to underestimate or forget the glass craft traditions and knowledge. To be able to break art norms and explore new fields, it is required that one understands and masters techniques in the evolution of art glass. I am now working for the sixth year in my own glass studio on the Kimito Island, Finland. In recent years, my artistic work has become better known and associated with playful sculptures, but now see that I am beginning to develop a more modern expression."


2014 - 2015
National School of Glass, Sweden
University of applied sciences, Design and Art Glass

National School of Glass, Sweden
Adult Education

Exhibitions & Events

2014 Pukeberg, collective exhibition
2015 The Glass Factory Boda museum, exhamination exhibition
2018 Anunshög,Västerås, with Marie Långhans

WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, collective exhibition

2019 Murano, Venice Glass week
2019 Dublin, Ireland

2019 Svenska Affären, Paris, with Marie Långhans and Karin Olofsson

2020 Kollektivverkstaden, Västerås, collective exhibition


2020 Svenska Kulturfonden, project
2020 Konstsamfundet, project

2021 Work grant 1 year,

Svenska Kulturfonden

2021 Work grant 6 months,

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2021 Konstsamfundet, project